We Make Senior Living Community Marketing Seamless

adPharos is a leading expert in digital marketing for senior living communities.

Let digital do the technical heavy lifting, so your team can focus on the personal touch of senior living. We’re specialists in developing custom API connections between the most popular senior living CRM platforms, such as Enquire, MatrixCare Marketing, and other common senior living community marketing automation systems. Our mission is to “bridge the divide” between these two essential elements of business, allowing your organization to get the messages to those people that need to see it.

senior living community marketing

Combined with our custom and targeted marketing services, we help fill the sales funnel and nurture your leads from the first contact form filled, through to onboarding your move-ins.

CRM Connections

We seamlessly work with and integrate your CRM into the top software platforms in the industry, including tools like:

  • WordPress, the back-end content management system used by many organizations around the world
  • Mailchimp, one of the web’s leading automation platforms for email and newsletter marketing
  • Constant Contact, a widely-used and extremely popular online marketing platform for email and more
  • HubSpot, the marketing communications software platform providing analytics, reporting, outreach, and much more
  • Campaign Monitor, a top choice for email marketing, analytics, and other outreach tools

Don’t see your programs here? Just call, let’s talk.

Digital marketing services

Taking marketing efforts, events and even community tours online has been a trend in senior living and will continue to grow. Interested in what we can provide for senior living community digital marketing? Here are the adPharos specialties:

  • Digital strategy. Count on us to develop the overall strategy that gets results.
  • Web design and development. Our professionals know how to create a powerful internet presence.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). These two pillars of modern digital marketing are critical to an organization’s success. Let us help put you ahead of the curve.
  • Email marketing and design. Reach the audiences you need to with the messages that get a response.
  • Marketing automation. Unleash the power of automation with our wide-ranging options.
  • Reputation and social media management. Control the messaging that your audiences hear.
  • Social media advertising. Get your marketing out on the social media platforms increasingly popular with seniors around the country.
  • Content development. From blogs to social posts, our specialists create the type of keyword-rich content that attracts people interested in what you have to offer.
  • Analytics and reporting. Find out what’s working (and what isn’t) with our powerful, all-encompassing suite of analytics and reporting tools.

At adPharos, our expertise grows out of our experience. We have over 14 years of direct experience creating the type of technology and platforms for senior living community digital marketing that makes a difference.

Let’s make a plan for you. Contact us today.

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