We Guide Marketing Directors Through the Sea of Poor ROI to the Island of Profits

Be the HERO of Your Next Board Meeting

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “Why isn’t our website generating more customers?”
  • “Which marketing efforts are actually growing our business?”
  • “How do we stop losing customers to our competitors?”
  • “Why won’t my agency answer my calls / emails?”


You’re in the RIGHT place!

Running a utility marketing program is difficult because your customers have high expectations and your competitors are constantly trying to steal them. You’re likely frustrated and it’s not clear what to do next.

We’ve spent years helping utility providers like you using our 8-step framework to help our clients get and keep more customers. If you’re ready to be the HERO of your next board meeting contact us today and let’s get started.

Ready, Set, GROW!

Who is adPharos?

adPharos is a premium service agency who thrives on long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not interested in becoming the biggest, we’re interested in being the best agency our clients have ever worked with. We do this by providing excellent customer service, staying ahead of the curve on the latest industry trends and continuing to add value for our clients and the companies they work for.


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Why Email Should be in Your Top 3 Sources of Traffic & How to Fix it

Somewhere along the way we lost respect for email marketing. It wasn’t marked by any particular occasion but it has fallen out of the limelight for many VPs and Marketing Directors. It’s time to change that.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every day, the power of marketing on social media grows exponentially. Everyone is comin’ around. (see below for back-up)

We are social. As a result, social media marketing grows, BUT becomes more challenging. Why? Because we’re all fighting for space in that screen time.

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3 Ways To Generate Leads by Leveraging Existing Assets

According to a Forrester Research analyst, today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their (research) journey before they reach out for a sales person. And may not even talk to someone at your company until they are ready to get a quote.

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