Case Study: adPharos Helps Rabun County Bank Achieve Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth through Reputation Management


adPharos, a renowned digital marketing agency, partnered with Rabun County Bank to implement a comprehensive Reputation Management program aimed at measuring Customer Satisfaction. This program not only enhanced Rabun County Bank’s review profile but also resulted in increased website traffic, a higher deposit growth rate, and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Implement a Customer Satisfaction Measurement program to gauge Rabun County Bank’s performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhance Rabun County Bank’s review profile, bolstering their online reputation and standing out among competitors.
  • Increase website traffic to and drive deposit growth through effective digital marketing strategies.


Rabun County Bank faced the challenge of understanding and addressing customer satisfaction levels to ensure long-term success. They needed a reliable system to measure and manage customer feedback while simultaneously improving their online reputation and driving business growth.

Strategies and Implementation

adPharos executed a comprehensive approach to achieve Rabun County Bank’s objectives:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program: adPharos designed and implemented a Customer Satisfaction Measurement program for Rabun County Bank. This involved deploying surveys and feedback mechanisms to capture customer sentiments and experiences at various touchpoints.
  2. Review Generation and Management: Leveraging the insights gathered from the Customer Satisfaction Measurement program, adPharos developed strategies to generate positive customer reviews. They engaged with customers, encouraged them to share their experiences, and managed online reviews to enhance Rabun County Bank’s review profile and online reputation.
  3. Website Optimization and Content Strategy: adPharos analyzed Rabun County Bank’s website and identified areas for improvement. They implemented website optimization techniques, such as improving user experience, enhancing page load speeds, and optimizing content for search engines. These efforts drove increased website traffic and improved online visibility.


adPharos’ implementation of the Customer Satisfaction Measurement program and Community Bank Reputation Management services yielded significant outcomes for Rabun County Bank:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Through the Customer Satisfaction Measurement program, Rabun County Bank gained valuable insights into customer sentiments and experiences. This enabled them to identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to enhance customer satisfaction levels. As a result, customer satisfaction improved, leading to stronger customer relationships and increased loyalty.
  • Stronger Review Profile: adPharos’ review generation and management strategies resulted in a stronger review profile for Rabun County Bank. The increased positive customer reviews significantly boosted the bank’s online reputation and credibility. Rabun County Bank’s average rating improved from 3.5 to an exceptional 4.8, setting them apart from competitors and attracting more potential customers.
  • Increased Website Traffic: The website optimization efforts implemented by adPharos led to a 13% increase in website traffic for Rabun County Bank. The improved user experience, enhanced page load speeds, and optimized content attracted more visitors to explore the bank’s offerings and learn about its exceptional services. The increased website traffic translated into more opportunities for customer acquisition and growth.
  • Higher Deposit Growth Rate: The targeted digital marketing campaigns executed by adPharos played a significant role in driving qualified traffic to Rabun County Bank’s website. The combination of a strong review profile and increased website traffic resulted in an increase in deposit growth for the bank. This growth highlighted the bank’s ability to attract new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones.


adPharos’ implementation of a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Measurement program through their Reputation Management services significantly impacted Rabun County Bank’s success. The program not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also improved the bank’s online reputation, increased website traffic, and drove higher deposit growth rates.

By leveraging adPharos’ expertise in customer satisfaction measurement, review generation and management, website optimization, and digital marketing, Rabun County Bank successfully differentiated itself from competitors, attracted new customers, and fostered stronger relationships with existing customers.

The collaboration between adPharos and Rabun County Bank demonstrates the agency’s commitment to delivering comprehensive digital marketing solutions that drive measurable results and support the growth of their clients in the highly competitive banking industry.

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