Case Study: adPharos Helps Providence Bank Transition Website During Core Banking Processing Migration


In September 2019, Providence Bank approached adPharos with a unique challenge. As part of their transition from Fiserv to FIS for core banking processing, Providence Bank discovered that their website was owned by Fiserv. This meant that after the migration, they would be without a website. They turned to adPharos to recreate their website on a new platform, provide hosting services, and ensure ongoing website support. Despite the tight timeline, adPharos successfully launched the new website for Providence Bank in the first week of January 2020.


  • Recreate Providence Bank’s existing website on a new platform to regain control and ownership.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition during the core banking processing migration from Fiserv to FIS.
  • Provide reliable hosting and ongoing support for the new website.


Providence Bank faced the challenge of losing their website due to ownership rights during the core banking processing migration. adPharos had to swiftly develop a solution to recreate the website on a new platform, ensuring minimal disruption to the bank’s online presence.

Strategies and Implementation

adPharos implemented a comprehensive approach to meet Providence Bank’s urgent needs:

  1. Requirements Gathering and Design: adPharos worked closely with Providence Bank to gather requirements and understand the website’s desired look, functionality, and features. They developed a detailed design plan to recreate the existing website accurately.
  2. Platform Migration and Development: Using their expertise in web development, adPharos recreated Providence Bank’s website on their own platform. They carefully migrated the website content, ensuring a seamless transition and preserving the bank’s branding and identity.
  3. Website Launch and Hosting: adPharos successfully launched the new website for Providence Bank in the first week of January 2020. They provided reliable hosting services to ensure the website remained accessible and performed optimally.
  4. Ongoing Website Support: Recognizing the importance of ongoing support, adPharos committed to providing continuous website maintenance and support to Providence Bank. This included regular updates, security enhancements, and technical assistance to address any issues promptly.


adPharos’ efforts in recreating Providence Bank’s website and providing hosting and support yielded significant outcomes:

  • Seamless Website Transition: Despite the challenges associated with ownership rights and the core banking processing migration, adPharos successfully recreated Providence Bank’s website on a new platform. The transition was smooth, ensuring the bank maintained an online presence without any disruption.
  • Timely Website Launch: adPharos met the tight timeline and launched the new website for Providence Bank in the first week of January 2020. This allowed the bank to regain control of their online presence and continue serving their customers without interruption.
  • Reliable Hosting and Ongoing Support: adPharos provided reliable hosting services, ensuring the website remained accessible and performed optimally. Their ongoing support and maintenance ensured that Providence Bank had a reliable partner in addressing any website-related issues and keeping their online presence up to date.


adPharos’ swift and effective response to Providence Bank’s challenge demonstrates their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for their clients. By recreating the website on their own platform, adPharos empowered Providence Bank to regain control and ownership of their online presence. The timely launch, reliable hosting, and ongoing support ensured a smooth transition and uninterrupted services for the bank and its customers.

Providence Bank’s partnership with adPharos highlights the agency’s expertise in website development, hosting, and support. adPharos’ dedication to providing high-quality services and meeting tight deadlines solidified their reputation as a trusted provider of digital marketing solutions in the banking industry.

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