Case Study: adPharos Enables Heritage Bank to Swiftly Launch Online PPP Application Portal


adPharos, a trusted digital marketing agency, was called upon by Heritage Bank in April 2020 to swiftly set up an online portal for collecting Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications. Given the short notice from the Small Business Administration (SBA), adPharos worked diligently to design, build, test, and launch the online PPP application within a week. This allowed Heritage Bank to begin processing applications for their customers promptly.


  • Develop an online portal for collecting PPP applications to comply with the SBA’s requirements.
  • Enable Heritage Bank to process and manage a high volume of applications quickly.
  • Provide seamless and user-friendly functionality for both bank staff and applicants.


Heritage Bank faced the challenge of responding swiftly to the SBA’s requirements and setting up an efficient online application system to accommodate a surge of PPP applications. The tight timeline necessitated a quick and well-executed solution.

Strategies and Implementation

adPharos implemented a comprehensive approach to meet Heritage Bank’s urgent needs:

  1. Rapid Development: Recognizing the urgency, adPharos swiftly initiated the development process for the online PPP application portal. Their experienced development team efficiently designed and built the portal’s architecture to ensure seamless functionality.
  2. Thorough Testing: To ensure a smooth user experience and accurate data collection, adPharos conducted rigorous testing of the online portal. They assessed various scenarios, simulated application submissions, and performed thorough quality assurance checks to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the system.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: adPharos prioritized creating a user-friendly interface for both bank staff and applicants. The portal’s design focused on simplicity, clear instructions, and intuitive navigation, enabling applicants to complete the PPP application process efficiently.
  4. Scalability and Performance: Recognizing the potential surge in application volume, adPharos designed the system with scalability and performance in mind. The portal was built to handle high traffic and accommodate a large number of applications without compromising speed or functionality.


adPharos’ swift implementation of the online PPP application portal provided significant benefits for Heritage Bank:

  • Timely Launch: Within a week, adPharos successfully built, tested, and launched the online PPP application portal for Heritage Bank. This enabled the bank to start accepting and processing PPP applications for their customers immediately.
  • Efficient Application Process: The portal’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design streamlined the application process for both bank staff and applicants. This efficiency allowed Heritage Bank to handle a high volume of applications promptly and accurately.
  • Positive Customer Experience: The online portal’s seamless functionality and ease of use contributed to a positive customer experience. Applicants found the process straightforward and could confidently submit their PPP applications.

Client Testimonial

Heritage Bank expressed their satisfaction with adPharos’ services, providing the following testimonial:

“I have worked with adPharos over ten years through Heritage Bank and then Heritage Southeast Bank. With all of the companies we deal with, I’ve found the services provided by the owner, Jeff Nichols, and his team to be of the best quality. They are flexible enough to work with regardless of the size of the bank. In addition, they are an affordable option for website hosting, development, creative programs, etc. I’ve been especially pleased with the customer support (technical and intellectual) provided by the team. I feel that members could benefit from their expertise.”

Impact and Conclusion

adPharos’ rapid development and launch of the online PPP application portal enabled Heritage Bank to efficiently process PPP applications and provide support to their customers during a critical time. The seamless functionality and user-friendly interface of the portal contributed to a positive customer experience, highlighting adPharos’ commitment to delivering high-quality services.

Heritage Bank’s long-standing partnership with adPharos is a testament to the agency’s ability to adapt to clients’ needs, regardless of the organization’s size. The successful execution of the online PPP application portal further solidified adPharos’ reputation as a trusted provider of affordable and high-quality digital marketing services.

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