The Top 8 Utility Industry Conferences of 2018, and Why You Should Be There

1. SEPA Utility Conference

The advantage of the SEPA utility conference is actually just as their site says: It’s not a trade show like some other conferences are. The goal of the SEPA conference is to share new developments in the utilities industry and learn new tricks for modernizing your utilities services. If the goal of other conferences is to serve as a place to show off your services and solutions, SEPA is a place for industry professionals to connect with one another.

2. Energy Marketing Conferences

The Energy Marketing Conferences take place all over the United States, and the next conference is on March 14 in Houston. These conferences focus on industry knowledge with events like speakers, symposiums and group brainstorming. The conference has two showings each year. The Summer event is in Houston and the Autumn event is in New York City, so if Houston is too far away you can always head over to the Big Apple in September!

3. The North American Association of Utility Distributors Conference

This one is intended to be a more personal conference. There are events like general addresses, dinners and receptions; however, there is also a lot of allotted time for one-on-one meetings between your company and the others in attendance. These kinds of opportunities are definitely rare when it comes to events like these, so it may be a good idea to leap the opportunity for personal meetings within the industry.

4. DistribuTECH Conference

The DistribuTECH Conference is, if anything, a much more modern type of conference for utilities companies. The conference includes an exhibition hall but also some interesting events like networking parties and a colossal 15-track conference for anyone looking to grab some new information on the trip.

5. EUEC — Energy, Utility and Environment Conference

EUEC advertises itself as the largest conference of its type in the United States, and a solid inspection of their exhibitor list will back that up. The conference covers everything from mercury control and air quality to groundwater remediation and cybersecurity; there really is something for everyone at EUEC.

6. Power Forward Conference

The Power Forward conference is a three-day event taking place in Denver, Colorado over April 16-19. The event includes a conference portion as well as an exhibition portion, which both take place over different spans of time during the event, so you can be sure that you’ll get to show your exhibit and also attend the conference portion and speakers without any difficulty.

7. ASME Power Conference

The ASME conference focuses solely on power and the many forms it takes for modern utilities companies; these subjects range all the way from nuclear power to green, sustainable energy solutions. The event takes place over four days in Florida and is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort within Disney World, so you’ll always have a good way to pass the time between exhibits.

8. Electric Power Conference & Exhibition Conference

Electric Power has a long history when it comes to utilities conferences, being about two decades old and boasting its official publication: POWER Magazine. The conference is home to thousands of workers from across the world and includes a wide array of educational resources for those individuals to take in while they’re at the conference, whether it be as exhibitors or as visitors.

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