3 Ways To Generate Leads by Leveraging Existing Assets

According to a Forrester Research analyst, today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their (research) journey before they reach out for a sales person. And may not even talk to someone at your company until they are ready to get a quote.

This means B2B Marketers have to be even more diligent in not just driving qualified leads but helping the buyer through many parts of the sales process. You have to find the right folks, talk to them in the right way, get them the right information and lead them down that revenue path. Quite the task.

Below are three digital assets you likely already have in your back pocket but aren’t using to their full potential:

1. Target Sales List
Start building the relationship before a salesperson calls. Warm those leads with email content, a special offer or blog story specific to their needs. Take the list to your social media channels. Through advertising targeting you can market directly to them or audiences that “look like” them in interests and online activity. This can build awareness and educate prospects before they receive the call, alleviating some of the “Who is this?” cold-calling challenges. See 2 and 3 below!

2. Email
Yes, we all have email but how are you using it? Personalized emails are best. But after the first one, then what? Does the trail end until someone has time to go back through the list to send another email? Email drips – email content set up to send automatically on a schedule – can onboard a cold lead and deliver content to help them in their initial research phase. Email automation can send out content based on triggers or actions taken by the recipient. It’s like adventure books where the reader makes the decision on what comes next; carefully planned, these can help lead your potential customer to take the action you want them to…or at least introduces them to your product story the way you want it to be told.

3. Social Media Advertising
The depth and breadth of targeting people online, especially in social media channels, continues to expand and is the new playground for Marketers – yes, even B2B marketers see success in Facebook and other social platforms in this way. While it’s nice to have a solid foundation of followers on your page, the advertising opportunities gives us other ways to build groups of people or “audiences” to market and remarket to…whether they “like” your page or not.

Need help with any of this? Contact us today, it’s what we do.

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