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Reputation Management for Georgia EMCs

Most utility cooperatives operate based on the seven Rochdale Principles. The Rochdale Principles are a collection of ideals for the day-to-day operation of cooperatives. They were first defined in 1844 by the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers in Rochdale, England and have formed the basis on which co-operatives around the world continue to operate.

The Rochdale Principles are:

  1. Open, voluntary membership.
  2. Democratic governance.
  3. Limited return on equity.
  4. Surplus belongs to members.
  5. Education of members and public in cooperative principles.
  6. Cooperation between cooperatives.
  7. Concern for the community.

That said, how good are Georgia EMCs at following these principles? For that answer we go directly to the members. We compiled the Google My Business ratings of all 41 Georgia EMCs. These ratings represent the opinions of the member-owners of the EMC and cannot be removed or edited by the EMCs. It is also against Google’s Terms of Service to manipulate these ratings in any way. However asking someone to post a review is not a violation.

85% of people trust online ratings as much as a personal recommendation

These ratings are important because they appear in Google search results alongside the name of the EMC in what’s called the Knowledge Panel. This rating also stands to inform members on what they might expect when dealing with their new electricity provider. More importantly, large corporations (900kw+) use these ratings when determining who their electricity provider will be.

The Top 5 Google rated EMCs in Georgia are:

  1. Irwin EMC – 5 stars
  2. Altamaha EMC – 4.8 stars
  3. Planters EMC – 4.5 stars
  4. Sumter EMC – 4.5 stars
  5. Hart EMC – 4 stars

Download Georgia EMC Ranking Chart

Did you know that 68% of people will leave a review if they are asked to? The key to improving your rating is to make sure that you’re asking your members to leave you a review. Not sure where to begin? We can help! Click the button below to contact us today.

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